Stuff I’ve Read

Albom, Mitch THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN Tightly written with heart felt lessons for life
Albom, Mitch TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE I wasn’t sure it was possible to be better than Five People. Inspirational
Carriger, Gail SOULLESS Witty, funny and fresh despite the wave of vamps vs werewolves stories
Carriger, Gail CHANGELESS
Carriger, Gail BLAMELESS
Chan, Kylie BLUE DRAGON Great at teasing and leaving things unsaid until they need to be said
Chan, Kylie RED PHOENIX Showing how fight scenes can be done well
Chan, Kylie WHITE TIGER Refreshing. Taps into Chinese mythology. Great for it’s Hong Kong and Cantonese tidbits
Courtney, Bryce THE POWER OF ONE The movie is good. This is better
Eddings, David Belgariad It was a good read when I was young
Eddings, David Elenium A new cast of characters but the same formula
Eddings, David Mallorean
Eddings, David Tamuli The heroes-always-winning-formula is getting tired
Eddings, David & Leigh THE ELDER GODS Not for the sophisticated reader. The Belgariad is much better
edited by George R.R. Martin WILDCARDS: BUSTED FLUSH Superhero comics in prose form. Plot weaving is great
edited by George R.R. Martin WILDCARDS: FORT FREAK Crime mystery meets superheroes. Excellent storytelling
edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois SONGS OF LOVE & DEATH
edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois WARRIORS
Ende, Michael THE NEVERENDING STORY All the nostalgia from watching the movie as a kid is in there. The part after the movie gets weird
Feist, Raymond & Wurts, Janny Empire Trilogy Woman struggling for her clan. Compelling political intrigue
Gaiman, Neil AMERICAN GODS Gaiman is the master of taking mythology and spinning into a great yarn. Big twist
Gaiman, Neil ANANSI BOYS Gaiman’s usual high standard of myth and storytelling. Fat Charlie’s character is fully fleshed. Hilarious
Gaiman, Neil NEVERWHERE I recommend this to all people who have lived in London. I too love to play with names. One of my favourites.
Gaiman, Neil STARDUST Another tight, purely entertaining fairy tale by Gaiman
Goodkind, Terry Sword of Truth Harsh critics but a compelling read. Thinly veiled allegory
Goodkind, Terry THE OMEN MACHINE More lessons but I was excited to pick it up anyway
Hobb, Robin Liveship Traders Vivid, immersive and bizarre world
Hobb, Robin The Farseer Trilogy Was my vote for the best characterisation
Hobb, Robin The Rainwild Chronicles Read to learn the fate of the dragons. Great characters as usual
Hobb, Robin The Tawny Man Beloved Fitz and the Fool return to tie up loose ends
Hobb, Robin Soldier Son Trilogy Food as magic! A blend of the bizarre nature magic with cavalry and engineers. Different but tasty
Jones, Diana Wynne HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE Better than the anime? Possibly, but it is my favourite anime!
Jordan, Robert Wheel of Time Gargantuan. The second reason I got into fantasy
King,  Stephen ON WRITING Thank you Steve. Real advice for writers from the king
Le Guin, Ursula The Earthsea Quartet Simply classic
Marmell, Ari AGENTS OF ARTIFICE Illustrates how the Magic novels live independent to the cards
Martin, George R.R. A DANCE OF DRAGONS Long awaited and worth it. George I can’t believe you got me!
Martin, George R.R. A Song of Ice and Fire My favourite author and series
Novik, Naomi Temeraire A dragon as a lead character. Simple but entertaining alternate history
Rothfuss, Patrick THE NAME OF THE WIND Challenger to the throne of the best fantasy
Rothfuss, Patrick THE WISE MAN’S FEAR This sequel makes it harder to choose who is best. More more more!
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter Might be for kids but it is first class writing with a plot to match
Sanderson, Brandon MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE Action built on a novel and solid magic system
Sanderson, Brandon THE WAY OF KINGS Full of nice fantastic elements. Excellent start to an ambitious series
Tolkien, J.R.R. THE HOBBIT Cute introduction to LOTR
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings A hard read but worth it. The reason I started fantasy
Tolkien, J.R.R. THE SILMARILLION Adding depth to LOTR. Hard to read but again, worth it for real fans
Van Lustbader, Eric Pearl Saga Critics are harsh on the deus ex machina but it’s a good attempt to reconcile magic and technology
Weis, Magaret & Hickman, Tracy Dragonlance Chronicles Straightfoward quests but a great cast of characters. Tas is hilarious
Weis, Magaret & Hickman, Tracy Dragonlance Legends Time travel shenanigans.  Raist is cool. Tas is still hilarious
Williams, Tad Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Good attempt at a twist but not enough to overcome the cliches
Williams, Tad Otherland Virtual worlds online. How WOW should be
Zindell, David Ea Cycle Grand and transcendent in scope but sadly falls short. The first book is too travelogue
Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn Intriguing connections to the past (our present). Some irksome elements
King,  Stephen The Dark Tower Uber cycle. Maybe a case of too much interconnectivity. Still full of excellence. Gets twisted but the right ending.
Feist, Raymond MAGICIAN The revised edition is an excellent read
Feist, Raymond Riftwar Saga Full of cliches. Not sure a rewrite could save it (except for Magician)
Douglas, Sara Axis Trilogy Some wicked love triangles going on in true Greek myth fashion. I like how the names evoke power
Douglas, Sara Wayfarer Redemption The demons are twisted. I don’t like it when high fantasy gets brought back low. Spaceships?!
Chan, Kylie EARTH TO HELL Not as strong as Dark Heavens but that is a high bar. Interesting developments
Jones, Diana Wynne DARKLORD OF DERKHOLM Satire on the overdone tropes of high fantasy but a bit too much for me
Strunk, William ELEMENTS OF STYLE Short book for writers talking about the nitty gritty of word choice, punctuation and composition. Easy read but recommended.
Carriger, Gail HEARTLESS Ah Gail, you are an absolute delight
Sanderson, Brandon THE WELL OF ASCENSION Action packed, twisty book with plenty of meat
Byrne, Rhonda THE SECRET Self help book. Short and repetitive. Airy-fairy but has some good points to take out of it.
Hobb, Robin THE INHERITANCE Nice intro to Megan Lindholm and juicy tidbits for lovers of the Six Duchies and Rainwilds
Sanderson, Brandon MISTBORN: THE HERO OF AGES Another page turner in which Sanderson ties up all the loose ends. Satisfying and a well handled twist to the legend.
Chan, Kylie HELL TO HEAVEN The gang all get developed further, exploring more of heaven.
Brown, Dan THE LOST SYMBOL Intrigue, action and easy reading
Jones, Diana Wynne ENCHANTED GLASS An easy read. Light and magical
Jones, Diana Wynne CASTLE IN THE AIR Sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle though the connection is a bit weaker than I would like
Jones, Diana Wynne HOUSE OF MANY WAYS A stronger sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle. I love the way Jones takes simple ideas and turns it into fantasy.
Golden, Arthur MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Fascinating, lyrical, lovely tale
Pierce, Tamora THE MAGIC IN THE WEAVING Feels like a quarter of a book. Perhaps the rest of the series needs to be read
Butcher, Jim STORM FRONT Mixing magic and crime/detective. Makes me want to read more.
Shibiku, Murasaki THE TALE OF GENJI Very long and difficult  read. Beautiful illustration of life in the ancient Japanese court.
Sanderson, Brandon WARBREAKER Refreshingly novel magic interwoven with a religion with a slight twist. I am envious Mr Sanderson.
Chan, Kylie HEAVEN TO WUDANG Fitting ending to the trilogy with a satisfying twist. Still questions to be answered. Keep reading.
King,  Stephen HEARTS IN ATLANTIS King’s writing is so real, so quirky. The characters grab hold of you.



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