My Guitar Goes Walking, Part 2 (Melbourne Cup day)

Tuesday 1st November, Devonshire Street tunnel, 11:45 -13:52

The first Tuesday of November. Melbourne Cup day. With nothing else much going on I decided to go out busking again, still very much high on the success of my first busking session. Still not too daring I decided to go back to the Tunnel.

It was an ill-omened start when I spent twenty minutes trying to tune my guitar. This was unacceptable. The damned battery was low and causing the electronic tuner to give wild readings.

Rant aside. Recently I returned to the music store where I had purchased my guitar. The store guy said to try replacing the battery so I purchased one. But he sold me the one that he’d pulled from out the back, not even a new one from a packet. I knew this at the time so I can only damn my own timidity. Still, what the hell sort of service is that? Okay, rant over.

After finally getting close enough my guitar was tuned, sort of, and I was good to go. As I said it was a bad start and it didn’t get much better. My chord formations were messy, my strumming hand rigid. My confidence was down and I went quiet with uncertainty over the lyrics. Where was the connecting with my audience?

Granted it was Melbourne Cup day, when everyone is heading to the TAB with their money, so maybe not the best day to go busking. All in all it was a downer, especially compared to my debut but even a poor second performance is still a performance out there in the real world.

2 hours earnings: $2.00


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