My Guitar Goes Walking, Part 3 (Late night busking)

Thursday 17th November, Pitt Street Mall, 20:30 -21:38

I actually went out to Pitt St Mall late on a Friday night but it was dead. I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity and took out my guitar anyway. I sat down and checked out the acoustics; a sound test before the real thing if you will. I left my hat on and was just some dude playing guitar on a lonely street. I did have a fellow from Samoa try to sell me chocolate to raise money for education back home. I don’t know how much luck he had with the Friday night crowd or lack thereof. Sydney is pretty disappointing that way. I suggested Thursday late night shopping might be better. He came back later and even played the melody of Creed’s One Last Breath. When the slightly inebriated dolts started appearing on the streets I knew it was time to go home.

A week later I decided to take my own advice and tried Pitt St on a Thursday night. As expected there were plenty more people wandering around. So many it was quite intimidating in fact. I did not want to set up where it was too busy and I’d attract too much attention. I know, not a very good strategy for a busker ay? I decided on a patch of street light more on the edge, next to Skygarden. Even then I considered just heading back to the familiarity and comfort of the Tunnel. But that would be a waste and the coward’s way out.

So I do what I do every time. I lay my case down and unzip it, pulling out my guitar and go about tuning it, all the while thinking of what the passerby sees. Probably what I think when I see a busker. Here’s a fellow playing for some change. And that’s about the extent of it. No big deal.

It was a short session. I quickly came to appreciate the acoustic advantages of the Tunnel. Out in the open your voice goes out…and keeps on going, lost to the void. I felt I had to consciously project my voice otherwise I wouldn’t be heard. I guess that’s why buskers have amplifiers.

I’d made a dollar and the shops were starting to close, the people thinning out. Once again there was a nice Asian woman who stopped to place $3 on my guitar case and soon after I called it a night. Pitt St Mall at night. During the day will be another challenge.

1 hours earnings: $4.00


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