The Writer/Photographer’s Fear

This morning I had a small scare. For a long time now my laptop has been running slowly and having battery problems. For one, the battery wouldn’t charge beyond 1%. This alone might not have been a problem if not for the second problem. That was that the power adaptor plug connection with the laptop was very finicky. Small movements would mean that the electrical connection would somehow be lost. Without careful monitoring, the laptop would quickly run out of power and turn itself off. Terribly troublesome.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my over-five-years-old computer for a long time now. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back came this morning when I carelessly put my laptop in my backpack. On the stairs down from my room it fell out with a loud crack and when I tried to start it up it just wouldn’t get past the start up screen.

Oh crap. When was the last time I backed up? Fortunately most of my writing is done on paper (which is a separate risk altogether) but the loss of photos had me worried for a while there. All those precious memories.

After some careful bashing and shaking I managed to get it to turn on again, and there ensued some hurried backing up of files. I still haven’t turned off the computer for fear it won’t turn back on again.

Time for a new computer methinks.


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