A Third of the Way

Yesterday marked 10 days into NaNo month, a third of the time allotted to completing the task at hand. My word count? 20,894 words. Woohoo, I’m ahead of the game. At least I am word count-wise. Plot-wise I actually do feel about a third of the way through. Considering how many words I’ve written I feel this is slow. My party has have finally, finally arrived where they are supposed to be. Almost.

It feels like the hobbits arriving at Rivendell. I’m not sure it’s good that it took a third of the book to get here but it’s a first draft and this is NaNo. Write write write. It also feels like this book will go over 50k words, maybe 60 if my gut feeling is worth anything (which I doubt it is).

So it seems I’m right on target.

As I think back over what I’ve learnt since my last entry, there’s not much new. It’s more like I’ve realised that by sitting down to type and type and type, you can actually get that lofty book in my head down on paper (electronic). It is actually possible to transform dream to reality. And this part of it is not glamorous but it is rewarding.

Incidentally, as of this typing I’ve actually passed the 25k mark, so I’m actually half way there. If I can squeeze out another 800 words I’ll have written a cool 5 thousand today but given the time I think that may be a little optimistic.

It’s been a good day. One good coffee, one bad. Lots of rain and lots of words.


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