50,000 and Counting

Well I made it and in much better time than I was expecting. On day 19 of the 30 I passed the 50k mark. Do I have a novel however? No. I have maybe half a novel at the rate I’m going.

I have my plan of where I need to go but as I write it seems that new scenes just keep popping up to fill out that fleshless skeleton that I had begun with. This of course is a good thing but it seems to keep me from getting closer to finishing.

Of course that’s not true and scene by scene I’m getting closer to completion. And when I get there I hopefully won’t have to go back and add in too many scenes.

The scene that got me over the 50k was one that I hadn’t planned on writing. Of all things it was about one of my main characters buying a dress for the ball. Though I hadn’t preplanned any of it, I had so much fun writing it with the women bullying the poor tailor that the words just flew from my fingertips. And along the way I thought of a good line to finish the chapter and just like that I had reached the NaNo goal.

Fifty thousand words in nineteen days!

Whew. I pulled some long days and nights to get there including the weekend in Palm Beach where I didn’t sleep until 9am. That reminds me I should write about that.

When I think about what I’ve achieved so far, something I’ve  never done before, I feel very happy. I’m one big step closer to my dream.

Well I’m not done yet. Just another little milestone.

Big thank you to NaNo!


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