NaNoWriMo 2014

November 2014 is over and with it I have successfully completed my second NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The following are my related Facebook posts and some commentary.

5000. Just humming along on target
50,000 words in 30 days means 5,000 words every 3 days. I kept this pace for about 14 days, which was actually slower than last year and thus was a little disappointing. When you start each day 1,666 words behind it’s a little discouraging and a buffer of surplus words would have been nice.

Cracked 10,000
This at 9pm on the 6th of November, just before my bedtime no doubt. This year I had a job to get to the next day whereas the previous year I did not. Which explains why I had more time and energy to write last year. Also my job is only part time, so massive respect to all the NaNoers holding down a fulltime job while writing.

Caught up. 15005
There was a day in there that I didn’t write one word. That’s why it’s nice to get ahead and have a buffer. But I managed to catch up by writing 2500 words in one day which was my biggest day’s word count to date.

20130. The going is tough but intermittently flowing.
I do hate slogging through scenes where nothing but crap dialogue is going on. Sometimes it just has to be pushed through. During NaNo I try not to skip ahead to juicier bits. It may not be efficient but I try to write in the order the book proceeds. And thankfully, sometimes I’m rewarded by something worth keeping, often something I didn’t even know about the characters or the plot or the world.

Wrote 5155 words today. So yeah, smashed 25k.
This was my most productive day. It started with a good patch early in the morning at the café. Followed by more writing in the arvo. And another session at night. It all came too easily. Again it was after a day of no words, a Saturday, which is the day I’m usually exhausted from working all day at the trapeze rig.

30k down. Building some momentum now
This is the period where I’m finally getting ahead of the curve with some word counts over 1666. This is where things start feeling good.

Incredibly slow day. Then couldn’t stop writing. Maybe what I need is a video camera on me all the time.
This day the SMH came to film their article for their website on NaNo. We turned up in force at the Nerd Cave and put on our serious writer’s faces. I had planned on leaving earlier but as I said, I just couldn’t stop writing. When you’re in the flow you’re loathe to break it.

40206. Take that.
I’m 5000 words over the benchmark which means I have a three day buffer. Feels good.

Passed 45k. No where near finished though.
Approaching the end of the month’s race and yet it feels that my plot has barely begun. What have I been writing?

50,060. But it took me over an hour to damn validate the damn thing. Going to bed
I made it with three days to spare. Finished again in time for bed but then wasted an hour trying to get Word to change all the letters but keep the spaces so I could validate the word count of an essentially gibberish text document. Then it took some more time getting the website to work for me. But I had to get it done that day.


During last year’s effort I asked other returners what they had written during the intervening months and most times the answer was a disappointing ‘Nothing.’ I thought to myself ‘they must not be that serious about their writing, not like me,’ and so the plan was to get at least my short story and another novel written before the next NaNo came around.

What I discovered is just how easy it was to let the year go by without reaching my goal, nay, even striving for it.
Will this year be different? I have plans for it to be. I have a friend who is a movement conditioner, which is like a personal trainer, but perhaps with a more intelligent approach to reaching our goals. With his attitude and approach I plan on getting the story mill churning.

For now I’ve got to keep the momentum up and finish this story. I feel like maybe I’m halfway through. Just another 50k, or a month’s work, right?


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