Or Resurrection. Of this blog, that is.

One thing that a writer needs is motivation. Ideas are easy to come by. A million people have a million ideas a day. The thing that separates a writer from one of these million other schmoes, is the will to execute; the motivation to not just say ‘ooh, that would make a fantastic idea for a story,’ but to actually sit down and put pen to paper.


Ultimately, it comes from within. In this case, the motivation to resurrect my blog is that I told someone about it. Or rather, first they told me that they had a blog and I responded in kind. Unly (I should write a post about that), when I directed that person to my blog, I had to wryly add that I hadn’t made a blog post in ages (more than a year it turns out).

Hence this.

So sometimes it takes an externally imposed deadline, let’s call it ‘inspiration,’ but the will to follow through and meet that deadline is still derived from within. It might be pride in your own word, desire to impress, fear of appearing as someone who doesn’t uphold his word (there’s a word for that I’m sure. Forgive me, I’m a bit rusty at this). All these emotions come from within, a response to some stimulus, an outside catalyst perhaps.

Inspiration is all well and good, I just got a car load on my road trip out to Cowra to attend the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, but utilising that to drive your writing, that’s hard.

And easy. Or, rather, simple. All it takes is a bum on a seat and hand to the keyboard.

It is good timing perhaps. The end of another year is fast approaching and that means another NaNoWriMo is coming along too. I’ve got a mini project (very mini) to complete before then and I should probably post about how my 2015 project went, since I completely missed writing in and around that whole year.


Feeling motivated.

Thanks Shona.


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