The Taste of Fear

I got a nasty surprise last night when my Dad called saying that the police had reported my brother’s car had been in an accident. I immediately tried to call his phone but it rang unanswered. I tried the house phone but it went to the answering machine. I immediately took the train home and tried to not let my fear run away without knowing any more facts. Still, it was impossible to stop imagining a car accident, hospital and even death.

It came to me that finally I was getting a taste of the anxiety over a loved one being involved in a life-threatening incident. A couple of years ago I was involved in just such an incident while in Valencia. My friends and I were leaving a club and without going into the details here, I got hit by a drunk driver. I had been knocked unconscious. I was taken to hospital, got some stitches and spent the night in observation. For a time it was not certain whether it might have been worse.

However the incident has never filled me with fear or a feeling of mortality. Even right after the incident I showed no signs of shock. I was cautious not to fly immediately but I did end up taking a ferry to Ibiza within only a couple of days so as not to miss out on the partying we had planned. Ah the folly of youth.

It turned out I was in fact too close to the incident to feel the fear. While my friends feared the worse, ironically I was the least worried since it is impossible to worry when you are unconscious. Not so last night. As I ran the streets back home I police van passed me with lights flashing, my anxiety shooting up. Then it turned off down another street and I thought to myself no, the police are not going to be visiting that news upon our house tonight. I trusted that the cops had GPS and were purposefully not driving towards my house. Then a black car coming up the street slowed down as it neared me. I squinted trying to read the number plate. Yes! Some number completely unknown to me. I wanted absolutely nothing new and unknown to me right now. No news is good news right.

I turned into my driveway and there was my brother’s car. That’s something. I put my key in the door but knocked on it anyway to get in as quickly as I could. And there was my brother opening the door for me, safe and sound. He was on the phone explaining to my Dad that the police must have made a mistake in the car owner details. I hugged him in relief. It turns out his phone was on silent and when the house phone had rung he had ignored it. What was he doing at the time? Playing some video game. One can only laugh.

Early rising

My dragonboat team, CCA (Chinese Cultural Association), had its Christmas party last night. It was a nice affair at La Tratt, fine dining in the Fairfield RSL. Everyone at that point thinks Fairfield! Not what you might associate with nice but go in there and it really is as if you were no longer in the west.

As usual the Dirty Santa had winners and losers (some of us aren’t very good at buying gifts). The reason for this post, however, is the espresso I had at the end of the three course meal. It was almost 10pm, considerably after my 4pm coffee curfew. The result of this is that I am wide awake now typing this at 5am. I did get some sleep but I don’t think I’ll be getting back to sleep anytime soon. So I figured I may as well use this.

Coincidently I was recently thinking of the below article that my younger sister, whose birthday it is today, sent me a year ago.

I gave it a go back then and no longer keep to it but it is an inspiring way to stretch the hours of your day.

Stereosonic Nov 26 Sydney

It’s been an age since I’ve written a dance party review (and to be frank it’s been a while between parties) but Stereosonic 2011 marked another fantastic party feather in my cap. Sydney weather has been miserable so it was nice to enter the arena with bright sun shining down, clouds dispersing as the DJs cranked out the tunes. Kaskade warmed us up with his smooth sounds, Avicii and Afrojack keeping up the good beats while the sun really started pouring the heat on. Thankfully it cooled down once the sun went behind the stadium and we were left to enjoy Benny Benassi’s rockin set.

The big screen told us that the arena was full and that they were not allowing people in. The security guards manning the barricades made for a fun game, as PartyD and I got caught outside. Waiting till their heads were turned away we leapt from the bleachers over the barricade. High fives all round. The lockout also had amusing implications for those who had stayed well-hydrated. Amusing for me anyway. Eventually my friend, The Nguyen, couldn’t hold it in any longer and was forced to make his way out to the toilets. He too was able to sneak back in to our congratulations.

Another effect of the lockout was that I was forced to choose between certain DJs. I figured LMFAO looked good, leaving me able to catch an hour of Dash Berlin at the other end of the Olympic Park. Good plan. That is until LMFAO was delayed for 35 minutes. I should have caught their whole act (my friends say it was great) but instead after only 10 minutes I had to dash.

When I finally found the trance arena it was like coming home. A dark room lit by flashes of bright pink, green and blue. Hundreds of trancers facing their god on the stage, worshipping with hands, arms, feet, everything.

And then there was Dash Berlin. I’ve wanted to see this prolific producer for some time and he did not disappoint, cranking out hit after hit.

  • Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Better Half Of Me
  • Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down
  • Tiesto – Lethal Industry
  • Faithless – Insomnia, We Come One (Acapella) mashup
  • Armin van Buuren – Not Giving Up on Love
  • Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run
  • Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt – Disarm Yourself
  • Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford – Sun & Moon
  • ID
  • Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt – Waiting

He had me alternately bouncing, thrashing it to Lethal Industry, hands in the air and singing my throat raw. 40 minutes of pure bliss.

Back at the main arena the lockout had been lifted and I made it in time for Armin’s closing. The antics weren’t over yet though. A wave of surprise flowed out from a guy who’d collapsed. And what is the first thing everyone did? Yes, they crowded in for a look. Some of them had the brilliant idea of waving their arms over their heads in an attempt to attract attention.. How anyone is supposed to take a crowd of arm-waving revellers as anything other than people enjoying the party I have no idea.

I ran off to see if the security guards could be of assistance. They were not. Eventually they pointed me in the right direction but by the time I got there some other good soul had fetched the first aid. I was given the task of a blocker for my first aid quarterback (kind of fun). On our way back to the collapsed fellow the mob had decided to pick him up and get him out of there. As they carried his horizontal body past us the first aid lady had an expression I could only interpret as bemusement. I’m sure she’s seen it all. I only hope the fellow hadn’t collapsed with a neck fracture. Then again the smart money’s on the drugs.

Armin played a driving set but it never reached the heights of an Armin Only performance. And no Dash Berlin. When the encore came I finally spotted my absent friends Little Miss Curious and Gonk. It turns out they’d been jumping some fences during the evening too. Gonk had a terrific splatter of blood running down his shin from his leap into the VIP area.

All in all a fantastic day out in the sun, partying with the beautiful people.

Go day parties.

Trance lives.

Lesson in action: If the system screws you, screw the system.

My first post

Just a quick post to kick things off. I’ve been meaning to start blogging for a while but first I had to work out a blog name. Then a platform. Then a theme. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to take this long but now we’re away. Wheeeeeee!