Early rising

My dragonboat team, CCA (Chinese Cultural Association), had its Christmas party last night. It was a nice affair at La Tratt, fine dining in the Fairfield RSL. Everyone at that point thinks Fairfield! Not what you might associate with nice but go in there and it really is as if you were no longer in the west.

As usual the Dirty Santa had winners and losers (some of us aren’t very good at buying gifts). The reason for this post, however, is the espresso I had at the end of the three course meal. It was almost 10pm, considerably after my 4pm coffee curfew. The result of this is that I am wide awake now typing this at 5am. I did get some sleep but I don’t think I’ll be getting back to sleep anytime soon. So I figured I may as well use this.

Coincidently I was recently thinking of the below article that my younger sister, whose birthday it is today, sent me a year ago.


I gave it a go back then and no longer keep to it but it is an inspiring way to stretch the hours of your day.