High on Faith and Trance

Faith is a difficult thing to quantify. How can one compare one’s own faith to that of another person? Perhaps you can tell who has more faith when there is a great disparity. ‘I have more faith than you’ sounds a bit arrogant doesn’t it. Can one have only a little faith? One either believes or one does not, right? And how does one describe the feeling of faith to another person? It’s a little difficult. Like love, one either has felt and knows it or one has not. But then that’s the job of a writer; to connect to the reader by relating to the things they have felt.

I was attending a Sunday service, everyone singing, when I saw the pastor raising a hand in praise as he sang. My first thought was that here is a person who is not afraid to express himself in public, a valuable trait in a pastor. Wow, what must he be feeling right now? Then it struck me that this is just what I do when I’m jumping around and singing my lungs out to a DJ that has just dropped one of my favourite songs at a rave.

Maybe it’s a bit presumptuous to compare¬†electronic dance music to religion but if what he is feeling is love for the music, a feeling of praise that will not be contained; that is channeled up through the arms, opening the body, throwing the head back with eyes closed in rapture; being lost in moment, raising the palms as if to stand witness to greatness and reaching for the stars, then maybe I know a little of what he is feeling. And if that is only a fraction of the feeling coursing through the smallness of his being then he is a lucky man.